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About Founder

About Founder

HypeKills® founder Dennis George Vargas was born and raised in the  Chelsea-Elliott housing projects in New York City where he found love for sports, fashion, music, and art. He visited galleries across the street from his housing complex at an early age of 13 to get away from the chaos around him.

For Dennis, creating clothing is an exciting process, but before he created a lifestyle brand he was inspired by brands his father introduced to him as a kid. His father was infatuated with the sneaker culture and shopped all over New York City, from Tom, Dick, and Harry’s in Spanish Harlem to Supreme in SoHo since the early 90's, and Dennis would tag along.

Dennis' father would take him to different stores to expose him to different styles of clothing. Most kids at his school wore other popular brands but many never heard of the brands he wore. They would criticize his downtown style and selection of clothing. It did not phase him, because years later those same kids would be waiting in line for the same brands he once wore. This is where he obtained inspiration to run his own lifestyle brand. What HypeKills® means to Dennis is creating your own hype and always being comfortable within your own skin, but the real question is, what does HypeKills® mean to you?

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