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Our Story

Our Story

Photo Taken By: @light.feet

HypeKills® is a brand founded in New York City with a determination to express our lifestyle through the clothing we create. We are a tech savvy lifestyle brand utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Augmented-Reality, 3D-Printing, and Virtual-Reality to better connect with our growing fan base.

Our creations come from our everyday lifestyles: sneaker culture, sports, music, technology, art, and the brands that have inspired us.

We are often faced with the question of how HypeKills creates a hype around itself as a brand with a name that opposes “hype”. HypeKills was created with the purpose to freely express who you are without judgement. When you wear our clothing you are making a statement. Wear what you like, hyped or not, you are being you.



Express Yourself‼️

You don't never need help from nobody else, all you got to do now is express yourself!


Don't Believe The Hype 🙏

Self explanatory.

The 🌎 Is Yours 

Whose world is this? The world is yours!