Don't Believe The Hype

From Roses to Streetwear: How HypeKills Blossomed

My roots run deep in family. Growing up in Manhattan, I witnessed the vibrant tapestry woven by my African-American mother and first-generation Ecuadorian father. A love for heritage blossomed amidst the aroma of my grandmother's cooking and the flicker of soccer matches on TV.

But my entrepreneurial spirit truly bloomed in Queens. Inspired by Public Enemy's "Don't Believe the Hype," I yearned to create something meaningful. A chance encounter with a "Hype Kills" hat in LA on Fairfax Avenue became a defining moment. It was a sign, a call to action.

HypeKills wasn't just a brand; it was a voice. Launched in 2015, it celebrates the vibrant culture, the energy of the sneaker game, and the stories whispered in every stitch. It's a tribute to streetwear pioneers, a space for creativity, and a reminder to forge your own path – all while staying true to your roots.

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The Creator's Love for Streetwear

The creator fell in love with streetwear at a young age, growing up in the Chelsea-Elliot Projects in New York City. He was surrounded by hip-hop, basketball, and sneakers, and he quickly developed a passion for fashion.

One of his earliest memories of streetwear is receiving a pair of Jordan 18s for his birthday. He wore them to school despite the snow, and he was immediately hooked. That summer, he saw Kobe Bryant wearing his famous Jeff Hamilton 3-Peat Varsity Jacket, which further solidified his love for fashion.

The creator was always on the lookout for the latest streetwear releases. He would talk to store owners and early Supreme staff members to get information, and he would visit stores like Tom, Dick and Harry's in Spanish Harlem, Recon, and Daves Quality Meat to purchase the latest drops.

The creator's love for streetwear has only grown stronger over the years. He is now a successful streetwear entrepreneur, and he continues to be inspired by the culture and the community.

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